The Jazz Dancers with Ben's Cycle


 Sculpture at the Red Cat Restaurant


The Jazz Dancers 1993 by jay Lagemann is constructed out of steel, plaster, cement, and fiberglass.

The Driftwood Sentinel South Beach 1997 is one of a continuing series of driftwood sculpture that Jay Lagemann has been making. When Jay finds a special piece of wood during one of his walks on the beach he likes to set it up in the sand and see it as a sentinel there on the beach. Often Jay videos the sentinel on the beach before taking back to his studio where he makes a permenent base for it.

Jay Lagemann feels that the placement of a work of sculpture not only effects the sculpture, but the sculpture changes the space around it. That is one of the main differences between sculpture and painting: sculpture becomes a part of the environment where the work is placed rather than a window into different reality.

Thus Jay views the Sentinels as looking out over their surroundings and being affected by them. This South Beach Sentinel has so far seen South Beach Chilmark, The Wild Island Sculpture Garden in Chilmark, and the Martha's Vineyard Agricultural Society Hall during the 1998 Family Planning Art Show.

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