As we finished working out the placement of the bronze Swinging Jenny #18 by Jay Lagemann the sunset put on a magical show. Up on the roof of Jay and Marianne's car the large steel Swinging Jenny had a grand time playing in the gathering darkness.

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Subject: saw you on rt. 78

hey jay, saw you driving on route 78 east this afternoon. your sculpture caught my eye and i had to drop a note to acknowledge it. at first i had no idea of what was in front of me, i thought, "oh god, another person who's going to be driving like a moron," but as i got closer, i was amazed with the artwork. i love unique statues like that, and i thought it was pretty cool. do you ever sell any? well, it brightened my horrible day that i had at school. hope to see you on the road again! Sincerly- Lori

The Swinging Jenny Sulpture playing in the Sunset